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The grading criteria, such as semester and end of semester exams, assignments, applications, and be taken into consideration in determining the success of the course, and their percentages are determined by the faculty members/lecturers that teach the courses.  The grading criteria and their percentages are announced to the students on the University web page for ECTS Catalogue.

Students’ success for any course is determined by the instructor that teaches the course with a letter grade by taking the grading criteria into consideration. In the appraisal of the letter grade, students’ performance in the mid-term, end of semester exam, and semester studies, and his/her attendance to courses and applications are taken into consideration.  

The coefficients, points, and status for the letter grades included in the grade averages are stated below:

Points Grades Coefficient  Status
90-100 AA  4,00 Successful
85-89 BA 3,50 Successful
80-84 BB 3,00 Successful
75-79 CB 2,50 Successful
70-74 CC 2,00 Successful
65-69   DC 1,50 Successful
60-64 DD 1,00 Successful
50-59  FD 0,50 Unsuccessful
49 ve below     FF 0,00 Unsuccessful

Grade of NA (non-attendance) is issued by the instructor for students, who fail to fulfil the attendance and/or requirements of the course, and/or who lose their right to enter the end of semester exam due to failure to enter any of the exams administered during the semester. Grade of NA is considered as 0, 00 (zero) in taking the averages.

The grades that are not included in the averages are specified below:

Grade of S (Satisfactory) is given to students who are successful in non-credited courses.

Grade of U (Unsatisfactory) is given to students who are unsuccessful in non-credited courses.

Grade of EX (Exempt), is given to students who are exempt from some of the courses in the curriculum.

Grade of I (Incomplete), is given to students who are not able to meet all the course requirements at the end of the semester or summer school due to a valid justification accepted by the instructor. Students who receive a letter grade “I” must complete their missing course requirements and receive a letter grade within one week following the date the end of semester or summer school grades submitted.  However, in the event of special cases, this period can be extended until two weeks before the beginning of registration for the next semester, upon the recommendation of the respective department head and the decision of the respective administrative board. Otherwise, grade of “I” will automatically become grade of “FF” or grade of “U”.

Grade of W (Withdrawal) Student can withdraw on the dates specified in the academic calendar, upon the recommendation of his/ her advisor and the permission of the instructor that teaches the course. A student is not allowed to withdraw from courses during the first two semesters of his/ her associate/undergraduate degree program and from those courses he/she has to repeat and received grade “W” before, which are not included in the grade average. A student is allowed to withdraw from one course, including double major, minor, or certificate program courses,  at the most in one semester, and two courses at the most during his/ her associate degree study, and six courses during his/her undergraduate study upon the recommendation of the advisor and the permission of the instructor that teaches the course. A student has to take the course that he/she withdrew from, the first semester in which it is offered. In accordance with the protocols made between Izmir University of Economics and educational institutions or official authorities abroad, the exchange program students being educated at Izmir University of Economics may withdraw from courses upon the recommendation of International Relations Office Directorate and the permission of the instructor.  In this case, the rules concerning the grade of “W” will not be applied.

Explanations for Withdrawal

Course Wİthdrawal Form

Grade of NI (Not included) is issued to identify the courses taken by the student which are not included in the GPA of the student. This grade is reported in the students’ transcripts with the respective letter grade. Such courses are not counted as the courses in the program that the student is registered to.


Objection to an exam scores for a course in associate and undergraduate degree programs can be raised within three days at the latest following the announcement date.  In the event of a miscalculation of an end of semester grade announced by the Student Affairs Office, a request made by the instructor will be ruled by the University Administrative Board.

Grading errors regarding the end of semester exam grades should be corrected no later than the beginning of the course registrations of the following semester.

GRADE AVERAGES (GPA-Grade Point Average)


The total credits of a student percourse is obtained by the credit-hourof that lesson multiplied by the coefficient point of that course. In order to calculate the grade point average of one term, the total credits of thecourses are divided by the total value of the credits taken. The average obtained is shown as two digits after the comma.


Course (1) Grade (2) Coefficient
ECTS Credits (4) Total Credits
IUE 100 AA 4 1 4
ECON 101 CC 2 6 12
MATH 101 CC 2 6 12
GEC 001 DC 1,5 6 9
TURK 100 BB 3 4 12
ENG 101 BA 3,5 3 10,5
SPN 101 DD 1 4 4
  30  63,5

GPA: 63,5 / 30 = 2,11


The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) – an average of grades of the courses the student has taken from thefirst registration to the unviersity divided by the total number of credits taken.

In determining both GPA and CGPA,the grades from AA to FF are taken into consideration.

The latest grade of the repeated courses is included in CGPA. All the grades are written on the grade report of the student.

Academic Standing Conditions

Regulation For Associate And Undergraduate Degree Education And Examinations



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