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Law Numbered 6353

Who can Benefit?

Those, whose registrations were cancelled before 25 February 2011 due to reasons stated below can benefit from this law. 

Information About the Amnesty Law

A Provisional Article 63, “which allows students to register again who could not benefit from Provisional Article 58 (Previous Amnesty Law) of Law numbered 2547, due to not applying within the specified period”, has been added to Higher Education Law, numbered 2547(The Amnesty Law) by means of Article 11 of the Law numbered 6353, published on the Official Gazette numbered 28351 and dated July 12, 2012.

Those whose registrations were cancelled until February 25, 2011

•             At their own request,
•             Due to not paying the tuition fee,
•             Due to failure,
•             Due to the expiration of the education period,
•             Due to other reasons (except for those who were sentenced for crime of terror) and
•             Those who did not make registration even though they were placed to a program at the University will be able to benefit from this law.
The ones who want to begin studying by benefiting this law are required to apply to Student Affairs Office 15 days before the course enrollments of the related semester with the documents indicated below. Please click on the Academic Calendar to learn the course enrollment dates of the semester.

TO THE ATTENTION OF Undergraduate and Vocational Schools Program STUDENTS

Documents Required for Exact Registration :

•             Form for Benefıtıng from the Amnesty Law Click Here
•             Bank receipt showing the tuition is paid,
•             Original copy of High School Diploma.

Click here for further information about Tuition Fees.

Documents Required for Exact Registration :

•             Form for Benefiting from the Amnesty Law Click Here
•             Bank receipt showing the first installment tuition is paid for,
•             Course Registration Form
•             Undergraduate Diploma equivalent,
•             A document from Recruiting Office for males over 35 stating that there is no objection for them to continue with their education.
•             Documents for TOBB (Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges) / IZTO(Izmir Chamber of Commerce) discount (if applicable)

Click here for further information about Tuition Fees


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