Student Affairs Directorate

Conditions of Withdrawing


  • A student cannot withdraw from compulsory courses in the first two semesters of the associate/undergraduate program. (For example, a second year student cannot withdraw from a compulsory course in first year Fall or Spring semester)
  • Associate and Undergraduate Program freshman students (including students admitted via transfer) can withdraw from free General Education Courses that are included as elective courses in their plans, from Elective courses and Compulsory courses they have taken from the upper class.
  • Students are not allowed to withdraw from courses they have to repeat (courses with former grades of FF, FD, NA, and U).
  • Students cannot withdraw from courses they retake to improve their grades.
  • Students are not allowed to withdraw from courses in which they received the grade (W) before.
  • Students are allowed to withdraw from only one course at most during a semester including Double Major and Minor Program, and Certificate courses.
  • Associate students are allowed to withdraw from 2 courses the most, undergraduate students are allowed to withdraw from 6 courses the most during their entire study.
  • Student can withdraw on the dates specified in the academic calendar.
  • Exchange program students studying at Izmir University of Economics may withdraw from courses upon the recommendation of Office of International Affairs and the approval of the instructor concerned.



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