Student Affairs Directorate

Student ID Card

The ID cards are used for

  • Entrance and exits at IUE campus, recognizing the student in the courses and examination
  • The payments made at the campus (for car park, photocopy, document demands, etc.)
  • City transportation Izmir Municipality buses, subways and ferryboats, and this ID provides discount in museums, cinemas, theatres, etc.
  • The cards are valid during the time that the student is registered to İzmir University of Economics. The cards are prepared for one time and its banderol/stamp is renewed in each academic year. The cards that do not have the banderol/stamp of the related year are not valid.

It is compulsory to show the student ID cards while entering to the campus. The ones who do not have a Student ID Card cannot be accepted to the campus. Therefore, keep your student identification card with you all the time. Besides, you are to show your Student identity card in the courses when needed and in the exams compulsorily. Students without an ID card cannot be accepted to the exams.

Transactions to be carried out in case of card loss:

If you loose your card in university campus;

Please check whether your card has been found or not by applying

  • Security Department of the university and
  • Students Affairs Office

If the card could not be found:

  • In order to prevent your card’s being used by others, first of all please inform us by e-mailing to​ (Information Technologies Directorate) with your university mail address.
  • Please apply to Students Affairs Office with;
  • Bank slip indicating that card fee has been paid (25 TL-(Yapı Kredi Bank Karabağlar Branch TR230006701000000068688197) (The name and Student ID no have to be written on the bank slip) and Smart Card Request Form

Transactions to be carried out in case of card breakdown:

If your card is or its electronic feature is damaged:Please get your card technically examined by applying Helpdesk.

If it is certain that the card is damaged, please apply to Students Affairs Office.

Severance of Students

It is compulsory for the ones “whose status of student” has ended due to some reasons such as their cancellation of registration, graduation, transfer etc. to give their card back to university.Please do not let other people use your Student ID Card! Use of Student ID cards by others is a disciplinary action which requires rustication of student. Due to this, do not let other people use your Student ID Card!

Please keep away from actions that will lead to disciplinary inquiries.


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