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General Principles

(1) Inter-institutional transfer is accepted based on cumulative central placement score (Additional Article 1) pursuant to “The Regulation for Student Transfer Between Associate Degree and Bachelor’s Degree Programs, Double Major and Minor Programs and Course Credit Transfers Between Institutions of Higher Education”.

 (2) There are no separate quotas for OSYS scholarship and OSYS discount in inter-institutional transfers (domestic or abroad).

 (3) When admitting the student to the program h/she wants to transfer, scores regarding the year the student is placed, and scores and types of scores used for placement to higher education institutions for that year, and academic ranking, if available, are taken into consideration.

 (4) Students, who meet the academic ranking requirement, can apply to departments/programs that require academic ranking requirement stated in OSYS guidebook for the relative year.

 (5) Students, who want to transfer to programs with special requirements stated in OSYS guidebook, need to meet these requirements as well as the other requirements.

 (6) Inter-institutional transfer based on central placement scores is not accepted in programs that admit students through aptitude test, only inter-institutional transfer based on cumulative grade point average is accepted.

 (7) Transfer from higher education institutions abroad which are recognized by the Turkish Council of Higher Education (YOK) is allowed.

 (8) Students, who apply for inter-institutional transfer from a program in which the medium of instruction is Turkish to a program with a compulsory foreign language preparatory class, need to succeed in foreign language proficiency exam administered by IUE, or obtain a specified level of score in nationally or internationally recognized foreign language exams.

 (9) Prospective students, who enrolled to higher education institutions abroad by their own means cannot apply for inter-institutional transfer based on central placement score (Additional Article 1).  Inter-institutional transfer based on central placement score is accepted only from domestic universities and universities in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC).

 (10) Students may transfer between the equivalent diploma programs, which have the same level, same name, or the content of which are determined to be at least eighty percent the same by the respective administrative boards.

 (11) The conversion tables specified by the Turkish Council of Higher Education or accepted by IUE Senate are used while turning the success grades obtained in 100 point grading system to 4 point grading system.

 (12) Deferring registration or not renewing it does not constitute impediment to benefit from the right to transfer.







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