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Academic and Administrative Info about ERASMUS Students

Academic and Administrative Info about ERASMUS Students


Before going abroad, the courses that will be taken at the university abroad and the equivalence of these courses at IUE are approved by the ERASMUS Program Coordinator in the department through Office of International Affairs. 

If a change in the courses will be needed when the student is abroad, the approval of the International Relations Office and the ERASMUS Program Coordinator must be taken for the courses that will be changed or taken. 

The ERASMUS students must be enrolled to at least 30-credit courses in a semester at the University abroad. 

Each course that the students take abroad within the framework of the ERASMUS Program is equivalent to a course seen as suitable in terms of content at IUE. Courses with same or similar contents can be regarded as equivalent. For example, if a course content matches up to 60-70 %, then it can be regarded as equivalent. Courses, not only from the major of the student, but courses from other faculties or departments, which can be considered as electives, may also be given.  

The courses that are not exactly equivalent can be seen as equivalent to other courses in different departments. Changes in a course, which is the equivalent of a different course, can only be possible with the decision of the related Commission. 
The courses taken abroad and not completed successfully can be taken again at IUE if the content of the courses are the same. If the content is not the same, a new course determined by the related department is taken at IUE. 

The transcripts belonging to the courses taken at universities in the scope of the ERASMUS Program are accepted within 5 weeks following the beginning of the courses in the following semester at the latest.

The grades of the courses taken abroad are converted to the grade system of our university and written on the students’ transcripts. 

The course registrations of the students whose transcripts related to the courses taken in the university abroad have been received, are made by taking their GPAs into consideration, which are determined by including their success grades that are determined by converting into the grading system of IUE

If the transcripts are not sent by the university abroad, the previous year’s GPA is taken into consideration in the registration process. 

For the courses given Y-Attended grade abroad, an S-Satisfactory grade is given at IUE. If a course with Attended grade is decided as the equivalent of a credited course, “CC” grade is accepted as the equivalent of Y-Attended grade. 
If the courses taken abroad have an equivalent in Double Major or Minor Program, these courses are indicated in the course equivalent table which is signed by the Double Major/Minor Program coordinator. These courses are indicated in the Double Major or Minor transcript. Other courses are indicated in the transcript of the major program. 

The courses given NI-Not Included grade since our university does not have the equivalence of these courses are indicated in the transcript of the major program. If a student fails from a course that is not included in the GPA, a course that is determined by the related Head of Department is taken and again not included in the GPA. 

As a result of the equivalence of the courses that the students have taken at the universities abroad, if the students have more elective courses than their departments have anticipated, the courses that they cannot complete successfully will be indicated in their transcripts and the students will take another equivalent course at IUE or a different elective course. 

More than one course taken abroad may be counted as one course at IUE by taking the ECTS credits and contents into consideration.

If the students take module courses at the partner university and these module courses are decided to be equivalent of only one course, grade point average of these courses are taken into consideration in assessing the grade of this course. 
One course taken abroad may be counted equivalent to more than one course at IUE by taking the ECTS credits and contents into consideration.
IUE aims to provide equivalency to the total credit courses taken abroad; in the event that this is not possible, equivalency can only be given to no more than 10% of the total of ECTS credit courses.  
Courses that were taken at universities abroad in order to meet the 30 ECTS requirement in a semester but that do not have any equivalency in the registered program or in any other programs of IUE, may be marked as one of the elective courses regardless of the category such as department elective/off- department elective/off-faculty elective.
As the equivalence of the grade “Pass” that take place in the transcripts of some of the universities abroad, the grade CC is given and as the equivalence of the grade “Fail”, the grade FF is given. 
If the students drop the courses indicated in their learning agreement without getting the approval of their ERASMUS coordinator and if these courses are indicated in the transcript given by the partner university, the grades of these courses are assessed as “FF”. In this application, for the students who have more courses in their transcript and learning agreement, the number of courses that will be taken into consideration is decided according to the cumulative grade point average of students in the related semester. 

The students are regarded as “on leave of absence” in the period they go abroad with Erasmus Program and it is counted in the legal education period at İzmir University of Economics.
The students going abroad with ERASMUS Program pay the tuition fee of that period to our University. They do not pay a fee to the university abroad.

The students going abroad with ERASMUS Program should pay their tuition fees of the related semester by the end of the deadline of payment indicated on the academic calendar.

The students accepted to the ERASMUS Program receive monthly funds from the European Commission, the amount of which is determined by the National Agency. Students receive 80 % of the total amount before they go abroad, and the remaining 20% of the amount are paid when they return to Turkey if the conditions are fulfilled and the required documents are submitted to the Office of International Affairs.

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