Student Affairs Directorate

Honour/High Honour Student (for the Semester)

(Only For Undergraduate and Vocational School Students)

Students who took at least 25 ECTS credit course at the end of a semester and obtained a GPA of 3.00-3.49 are considered honor students of the semester, and those who obtain a GPA of 3.50-4.00 are considered high honor students of the semester. 

  • The list of honour roll is announced by the Student Affairs Office. Students on the list may request their certificates through OASIS system under “Document Requests” menu. Students cannot be recognized as Honour/High Honour Students if they;

  • Took courses less than the course load anticipated for the relevant semester for their major program (Double Major Programs/Minor Programs/Integrated Program courses are included in the semester course load )

  • Failed a course for that relevant semester(including internship grade)

Students who receive disciplinary punishment in any academic semester cannot become high honor or honor students even though they obtain the specified grade point averages.



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