Student Affairs Directorate

Course Exemptions

The students who have been educated in a higher education program in another university can apply to be exempt from the courses they have taken before.

The courses taken in education programs like trainings and/or certificate programs are not taken into consideration in higher education.

Documents received from programs that issue international language certificates are evaluated by the School of Foreign Languages.


  • Since the courses taken by the graduates of a degree oriented education program in a university are not valid in a second degree oriented education program, these students will not be given the right to be exempt from other courses except Common Compulsory Courses. These students can be exempt from only Common Compulsory Courses (Turkish Language, Ataturk’s Principles and History of Turkish Revolution, Academic Skill in English and English) if the course content and weekly course hours are compatible
  • The exemption requests of the students whose registration was cancelled while s/he was registered to any program of a university and who took OSS and registered to our University will be evaluated. The total number of credits of the courses that these students will be exempt from (except Common Compulsory Courses) cannot exceed the 10% of the total number of courses in the education plan of the department/program that they are being educated in.

For example, the student can be exempt from courses with maximum 15 credits in a department that is supposed to give 150 credits in four years.

  • The courses taken in undergraduate degree can be counted as undergraduate degree courses and courses taken in associate degree can be counted as associate degree courses.
  • The exemption request of a student cannot be taken into consideration if a student once takes a course from our University although s/he has taken a course in another university before and became successful.
  • The courses that the student is exempt from will be indicated in the transcript and “EX-Exempt” grade will be given.




The applications will be made to Student Affairs Office until the end of course registrations at the latest.


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