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Aim (Changed SD: 02.05.2012/A5)
Article 1- The aim of this regulation is to set out the principles to be applied and set out the criteria for advance payments and expenses to be paid to full time lecturers (including asst. Professors, assoc. Professors, and professors) and research assistants at Izmir University of Economics for their international and domestic trips to attend scientific activities/meetings to in order to make presentations. 

Definition and Classification of Scientific Activity (Added SD: 02.05.2012/A5)
Article 2- (ChangeSD 20.06.2018-345-A/5-BTD 10.07.2018-01)“Scientific Activity” or “Scientific Meeting” in this regulation is defined as the “scientific activity or meeting” which is specified in the Guidelines for the Appointment and Promotion of Academic Staff Appendix-1 that meet the criteria in the performance assessment of the academic staff.

Scope (Changed with Article Number SD: 02.05.2012/A5)
Article 3-This regulation covers all international and domestic trips of the personnel to attend any kind of scientific activity at home and abroad in order to contribute to the academic development of the personnel, increase academic level of the university, and to contribute to the world of science within the principles specified below.

Related rules of Travel and Travel Advance Payment Regulation will be applied for the assignments which are not covered under special provisions in this regulation.

The academic staff needs to meet the condition that they have to perform a study or publication within last three years in accordance with the demanded scientific activity/meeting in order for the travel request to be approved. Therefore, the academic personnel, who made a travel demand, are expected to meet the minimum conditions specified in Article 3.1.

Minimum Publication Requirements for Academic Travels
Article 3.1. (ChangeSD 20.06.2018-345-A/5-BTD 10.07.2018-01)The criterion specified in Appendix 1 of Guidelines for the Appointment and Promotion of Academic Staff is taken into account in determining the minimum requirements shown in the table below.  The research assistants, providing that they fulfil the requirements specified below, might benefit from the Academic Travel fund for national and international meetings no more than one time for each during the graduate program they registered.

 Activity/Meeting Academic staff (excluding lecturers and instructors) Research Assistant
International At least one publication from Articles 1.1-1.6 within last 3 years To reach doctoral thesis stage
National At least one publication from Articles 1.1-1.6 or 1.9, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13 within last 3 years To complete course stage of the graduate program registered to


Principles to be Applied in Assignments
Article 4-   (Changed with Article Number SD: 02.05.2012/A5)
Following principles are applied in assignments.

a- In the assignments of the academic staff for attending the activities/meetings in the scope of this regulation, with the assent of the related head of the department, the approval of the Rector upon the request of the dean/school director is required. Board of Trustees is informed about these assignments.

The invitation about the scientific activity/meeting to be participated, acceptance letter and the study to be presented at the scientific activity/meeting as accepted must be attached to the assignment request.

b- Travel allowance is allocated by the Board of Trustees to the academic staff for each academic year to be used for their academic travels.

c- Academic staff is free to use the amount allocated for travel at international and domestic meetings in his/her discretion on condition that s/he obeys the principles specified in this regulation. If more than one staff requests joint assignment for the same meeting, this allowance is granted to only one person that presents the study.

d- Any kind of expenses like transportation, accommodation, food, etc. and scientific activity/meeting participation costs are included to the annual allowance allocated to the academic staff for the travels in the scope of this regulation.   

e- Round trip transportation fees and daily allowances are paid on the basis of the amounts stated in Travel and Travel Advance Payments Regulation. Vouchers concerning transportation, accommodation and related expenses, and meeting participation fees and the participation document are submitted to the University after the scientific activity/meeting.

f- The study that will be presented in the scientific activity must be prepared in academic staff’s own discipline.

g- The amount of the allowance to be paid to the academic staff that has the approval of travel in the scope of this regulation is determined by the Rector according to the country/place s/he will travel.

Implementation (Changed Article Number SD: 02.05.2012/A5)
Article 5- This directive is executed by the Rector

Effectiveness (Changed Article Number SD: 02.05.2012/A5)
Article 6- This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees.

Requisition Form For Meetings With Academic Purpose

This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 25.10.2002 and numbered 13/5 and the decision of the Board of Trustees dated 06.01.2003 and numbered 22/C-10.


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