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Article 1- (1)The purpose of this bylaw is to determine the essential criteria that will be applied in the appointment of the academic personnel to be employed by the Izmir University of Economics, in determining their academic titles in addition to the assignments and responsibilities, in their promotions, personal rights and in regulating all their relations as regards to the University.


Legal Ground
Article2 – (1)This bylaw is based on the Law 4633 in the Official Gazette no. 24572, dated 14.04.2001 concerning the foundation of the Izmir University of Economics, and Regulations of Foundations of Higher Education.


Article 3 – (1)The terms stipulated in this directive;

University refers to the Izmir University of Economics

Board of Trustees refers to the Board of Trustees of the Izmir University of Economics

Rector refers to the Rector of the Izmir University of Economics

Vice Rector refers to the Vice Rector of the Izmir University of Economics

Dean refers to the Dean of the Izmir University of Economics

Director refers to the Directors of Higher Schools, Vocational Schools,

Graduate Schools and Research Centers affiliated to the University

Head of Department refers to the Heads of Departments of departments affiliated to faculties and higher schools.


Academic Titles
Article 4 –(1) The academic titles at the Izmir University of Economics are as follows:

(2)(Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Research Assistant: Research assistant is an academic, who assists in the education, research, observations and experiments carried out in the higher education institutions, as well as performing other related duties assigned by authorized bodies.

(3)(Added : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Academic: Faculty members, lecturers, and research assistants working at higher education institutions.

(4)(Added SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Faculty Member: Professors, associate professors, and assistant professors working at higher education institutions.

(5)(Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Lecturer: Lecturer is an academic, who is responsible for teaching courses offered at higher education institutions, performing applications, and making students perform applications.  

(6)(Changed : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Assistant Professor: An academic, who has completed doctoral studies successfully, holds the expert title in medicine, dentistry, pharmaceutics, and veterinary medicine, or holds the academic title in any of the fields of art identified by the Council of Higher Education upon the proposal of Interuniversity Board.

(7)(Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Associate Professor: An academic, who is given the title of associate professorship by Interuniversity Board.


(8)(Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Professor: An academic with the highest academic title.


Academic Personnel with Full-time and Part-time Status
Article 5-(1)Academic personnel recruited at the University are divided into two groups: “Full-time” and “Part-time”.


a)Those who are recruited full-time: 
The personnel in this status spend the working hours for duties related to the University and are not allowed, except for works in accordance with special laws and license rights, to work elsewhere paid or not paid; cannot perform other duties official or individual; and cannot work freelance. Their carrying researches and projects on behalf of the university or other institutions, or their giving courses at another university is subject to the Rector’s authorization. They can carry projects and consultancy activities on behalf of other people, institutions and companies for their personal development can be performed in context with “Research and Development Support Program Bylaw”. Academic personnel in full-time status must comply with the terms and conditions in the contract.


b)Those who are recruited part-time: 
The personnel in this status are supposed to be at the university a minimum of 20 hours a week, and perform teaching and practice duties under the control of and at the location allotted by Deans and Heads of Departments.

The personnel in this status must comply with the terms and conditions in the contract they signed with the University during the period of the contract.


Appointments and Renewals of Contracts
Article 6-
 - (1) (Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43) The appointment of assistant associate professors, assistant professors and professors are made by Board of Trustees with the recommendation of the Rector. The contracts of the professors are renewed the same way.

(2)(Change : SD-20.06.2018–345-A/5/BTD-10.07.2018-01) (Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)   (Change : SD-19/12/2006–82 A-13/BTD-22/12/2006-B/10)   Lecturers are appointed with the recommendation of the respective dean/director and the approval of the Rector if they have satisfied the requirements stated in “The Rules and Regulations for Application and Entrance Examination for Appointment to Academic Tenure other than Faculty Members”.

(3) (Deleted: SD-13/07/2011–175 A-6)


(4)(Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  (Added SD-13/07/2011–175 A-6) After the assessment of their yearly activities, contracts of lecturers may be renewed with the approval of the Board of Trustees upon the proposal of the respective dean/director and the recommendation of the Rector.

Academic Duty and Responsibility 
Article 7- (1)The instructors’ maximum hours of teaching per week are determined in the contract. Academic personnel are obliged to give advisory services to undergraduate and graduate students in addition to teaching; to direct undergraduate and graduate theses; to assist professors; to prepare and direct research projects; to make academic publication; and to participate in various commissions, boards and committees. Rector is entitled to reduce the required hours of the academic personnel performing administrative duties.

The terms and conditions regarding professors’ courses and duties are determined in their contracts. Professors must submit a report to the Rector not later than one month after the end of the academic year, concerning all their academic activities, including the experience and knowledge attained at national and international conferences they attended as speaker or president.


(2)All academic personnel are responsible for showing the necessary effort to do research and publish it in internationally reputable publications.


(3)The duties and responsibilities of the academic personnel with part-time status are determined in their contracts.


The Appointment of the Academic Personnel and Promotion to a Higher Level 
Article 8- (1)The promotion of the academic personnel to a higher degree is carried out in accordance with Higher Education Act 2547 and related legislation. The University is entitled to apply other principles and rules determined by the Senate in addition to the articles in Higher Education Act 2547 for the appointment and promotion of academic personnel to a higher level.


Article 9-(1) The number of full-time academic personnel according to academic units, and the natural rights that will be provided for these personnel will be determined by The Board of Trustees with the Rector’s proposal.


(2)The Rector considers how many of the professor positions will be filled that year as decided in the University’s budget.


Article 10 –(1) A full-time professor demanding to be promoted to a higher level is expected to prepare an “Application File”. The details of the content of this file are determined by the Senate.


Article 11 –(1) For the evaluation of the full-time professor demanding to be promoted to a higher level, the Rector assembles a jury formed by a unit director if available, and by one or three professors if legislation requires, from outside the University. The number and qualifications of these professors are determined in Act 2547.


(2)Each member of the jury prepares and submits a report to the Rector after evaluating the candidate’s researches, referee reports, teaching experience and accomplishments, administrative and professional services and the performance at the University. The Rector makes the appointment with the approval of the University Administrative Board.


Natural Rights
Article 12 – (1)The salary and other natural rights regarding the salary of the academic personnel is determined separately in each contract.


Article 13- (1)The assignments of the academic personnel for 15 days in order to attend conferences, seminars and such scientific and other meetings, and participate to research and observation expeditions with or without allowances are subject to the Rector’s approval with the related heads of departments and dean/director. Assignments exceeding 15 days are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees. Payments of per diem for those traveling to other cities or abroad will be made according to the per diem by-laws.


Other Assignments
Article 14-(1)If currently teaching at another university or organization they may teach at the Izmir University of Economics in accordance with the Act 2547-40/a article 31 with approval the Rector and recommendation of the related unit or department.


Academic Freedom
Article 15-(1)Academicians are free to defend their ideas and views freely, and are not restricted in academic studies and research. Academicians cannot be reprimanded for their ideas, points of view or research subjects. This academic freedom should not be abused by causing harm to the University or violating Turkish constitution or law.


Article 16-(1)Disciplinary investigation for academic personnel can be initiated based on the following: 

  • Exceed limits of responsibility and authority
  • Cause harm to the reputation of the country or the university
  • Failure to fulfill their duties to the university according to these by-laws and their contracts
  • Disruptive behavior that interferes with peace creates a hostile work environment

Article 17-(1)The Rector is authorized to initiate disciplinary investigations. The Rector, when directly or indirectly informed, either initiates the disciplinary investigation himself or assigns an investigator to initiate the investigation. The investigation is conducted according to the Investigation policy. The method used during the investigation is the same as in the policy that applies to the managers, academicians and staff.


Article 18-(1)Academic personnel have the right to take a 4-week vacation. Vacation dates are determined by the heads of departments, dean, or directors considering the academic calendar. Vacations are taken with the approval of the Rector. Rector’s permission depends on The President of the Board of Trustee’s approval. The right to take a vacation mentioned in the Business Law and related directives are as outlined above.


Paid Sabbatical Leave (Change 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19)

Article 19-(1) (Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)   (Change  : SD- 27/01/2012–185 A-25/ BTD- 07/02/2012-18/20)

(2) (Change 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19)Izmir University of Economics accepts academic leaves as an important and necessary part of academic and intellectual development. Within this concept, associate professors and professors, who are recruited full time, after seven (7) continuous years of employment with the university, may take up to one academic year of “paid sabbatical leave”.


(3) (Change 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19)  (Change : SD-02.05.2018–340-A/7/BTD-02.05.2018-43)  Assistant professors, who have been employed at least for three years continuously, may take up to three months of paid sabbatical leave. If they need to extend this period, they may take sabbatical leave without pay and it cannot be more than half of the paid sabbatical leave they have taken.

(3A) (Add 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19)Previous paid leave taken by faculty members for scientific purposes or as part of Overseas Experience Program, will be appropriated to the paid sabbatical leave period.


(4)The following procedures are followed for paid sabbatical leave:


 a)   (Change 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19) Academics, who are going to use paid sabbatical leave should submit a written notice to inform Department Head/ Faculty Dean at least six (6) months before. The invitation or acceptance letter from the university or research institute they will be visiting, content of planned scientific activities and purpose of study within the designated leave period, its contribution to IUE, and the support demanded from IUE should be clearly specified in the written notice.


 b)  (Change 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19)  After the approval of the Department Head’s Office/ Head of Division’s Office, dean’s, director’s opinion on the fact that the education/ instruction programs would not be hindered during the time of leave is taken.  Their opinion along with the decision of Faculty/School Administrative Board is submitted to the Rector for approval.  


c) (Change 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19)   The Rector, evaluates the applications of academics by taking into consideration that they have not used paid sabbatical leave or benefitted from Overseas Experience Program before. The Rector may choose to give priority to the academics who are going to use their paid sabbatical leave at institutions overseas.


d) (Add 03.04.2019-360-A/4-BTD 11.04.2019-19) Leave requests of academics is submitted to the Board of Trustees after the University Administrative Board decision upon the recommendation of the Rector.



 (5)Those who take paid sabbatical leave are obliged to prepare a detailed activity report based on their approved study programs and submit this report to the Rectorate at the end of the leave period. The studies conducted and the outcomes should be compared to the purposes specified in the application request in the report. This report is also attached to the Annual Assessment Report of the Academicians.


The Obligation to Serve
Article 20-(1) (Change  : SD- 27/01/2012–185 A-25/ BTD- 07/02/2012-18/20)The personnel who take leave with pay for Academic Studies or for other various assignments for more than 3 months may be obliged to repay up to twice the time taken.


(2)In the event of the academic personnel, who has taken leave with pay (sabbatical leave), not reporting back to work or leaving the office before the commitment period is over, they will be obliged to pay the compensation as much as the amount of salary accruing due to omittance. 

(3)  (Add : SD- 30.01.2019–357 A-9/ BTD- 12.02.2019-16) Academic personnel, who will take leave with pay (sabbatical leave), needs to sign a letter of undertaking 15 days prior the latest before the leave starts. If not, their leave with pay (sabbatical leave), shall be considered as leave without pay.


Article 21-(1)Academic personnel, both Foreign and Local, who achieve national and international recognition by their contribution to Academic publications may receive rewards after recommendation by the senate and confirmed by the Board of Trustees.


Article 22: (1)
This directive takes effect on the date of the approval by the Board of Trustees of the Izmir University of Economics.

Article 23: (1)This directive is executed by the Rector of the Izmir University of Economics.



This regulation takes effect upon the decision of the Senate dated 07.01.2002 and numbered 03/4 and the decision of Board of Trustees dated 08.01.2002 and numbered 11/B-7.




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