Registrar's Office


72.00.FR.46 Address Change Notification Form
72.00.FR.04 Intra Institutional Transfer Application Form (Among Departments/Programs)
72.00.FR.20 Application Form for Graduate Programs
72.00.FR.33 Application Form for International Undergraduate Applicants
72.00.FR.38 Inter Institutional Transfer Application Form
72.00.FR.55 Course Exemption Form
72.00.FR.11 Course Registration Form
72.00.FR.32 Diploma/Diploma Supplement and Certificate Delivery Form
72.00.FR.08 Double Major Course Registration Form
72.00.FR.09 Double Major Programme Permission Request Form
72.00.FR.45 Education Restart Request Form
72.00.FR.75 Elective Course Form
72.00.FR.30 Elective Course Change Form
72.00.FR.65 Form For Benefiting From the Amnesty Law-6353
72.00.FR.89 Form For Benefiting From the Anmesty Law-6569
72.00.FR.85 General Education Course Course Change Form
72.00.FR.21 Excuse Notification Form
72.00.FR.31 Extended-term Exam Form
72.00.FR.25 Grade Objection Form
72.00.FR.50 Graduate Program in Design Studies Research Proposal Form
72.00.FR.42 Internship Acceptance Form
72.00.FR.44 Internship Place Evaluation Form
72.00.FR.43 Intern Evaluation Form
72.00.FR.29 Leave of Absence Form
72.00.FR.37 Make up Notification Form For Unconducted Cources
72.00.FR.36 Minor Programs Course Registration Form
72.00.FR.54 Minor Programme Permission Request Form
72.00.FR.49 Permission Document for Students Passport
72.00.FR.61 Preliminary Registration Application Form for the Department of Culinary Arts and Management
72.00.FR.79 Preliminary Registration Application Form for the Department of Fashion and Textile Design
72.00.FR.53 Preference Form for Specialization Area (for Faculty of Fine Arts and Design )
72.00.FR.76 Preference Form for Specialization Area (for Faculty of Communication)
72.00.FR.80 Preference Form for Specialization Area (for Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences)
72.00.FR.19 Registration Cancellation Request Form
72.00.FR.28 Research Proposal Form for MA Programs  (for Seminar, Term Project and Thesis)

72.00.FR.90 Intra Institutional Transfer Final Registration Form (Among Departments/Programs)

72.00.FR.40 Summer School Course Registration Form
72.00.FR.41 Summer School Course Fee Return Form