Student Affairs Directorate

Guidelines about Issuing Second Issue Diploma, Diploma Supplement, Certificate of Graduation

1. 1. Individuals, who lose their diplomas, diploma supplements, or graduation documents, can be issued second copies for one time only, if approved by the University Administrative Board.
2. Pursuant to Article 32 of Regulation for Associate and Undergraduate Degree Education and Examinations, to get a replacement diploma, a diploma supplement, or a graduation certificate, an advertisement must be published in a national newspaper, the appropriate fee must be repaid, and the request for the replacement must be declared with a written petition. In this case, “second copy” is stated on the requested on the document. 

3. Individuals, who lose their documents, need to apply to Student Affairs Office with a written petition in person, or notarize a power of attorney in order to get second copies. Public notice on lost documents that appeared in a national newspaper should also be attached to the written petition.

4. For damaged diplomas, diploma supplements, or graduation documents, second copies are issued by following the above steps minus the requirement of publishing a lost notice.

5. Second copy of diplomas, diploma supplements, or graduation documents is prepared as true copies. Information on the day of graduation such as name-last name, name of the department, etc. are specified and signed by the respective administrators the document originally was issued at the time.

6. There is ‘İKİNCİ NÜSHA/SECOND COPY’ inscription on the front of the second copy of documents and “second copy is issued due to loss/damage” inscription on the back of the documents.

7. Second copy of documents is given to the diploma holder or the person who has the power of attorney.

8. Third copy of documents cannot be prepared in case of losing the second copies of the above mentioned documents. Only a document, stating that an original and a second copy were issued and lost previously, is given to the requestor. In issuing this document, the same procedure for second copy is followed.


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