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Semester Leave


The students, with a reasonable and valid excuse, can be permitted to defer their registration, by the decision of the faculty/school they are registered to, on the condition that they return to the University.



Students in foreign language preparatory class are permitted to defer their registration for two semesters at most, in associate degree programs for three semesters at most, and in undergraduate programs for four semesters at most.  In obligatory cases, these periods can be exceeded by the decision of the University Administrative Board. The period for deferral will not be included in the maximum education period. The university requires the students, who defer their registration, to pay the following semester’s fee in advance.


Students can ask for a deferral of registration for health problems, economic reasons, family problems, military service, personal problems, and academic reasons, for education abroad and other unexpected events based on their right and valid excuses determined by the Higher Education Council.

A sentence of imprisonment in accordance with the general provisions cannot be the reason for a deferral of registration. 

Circumstances of excuse that can be accepted by the Board of Directors of the related Faculty/School

-Health: It should be documented with the health committee report comprising the period during which the student will be on leave of absence and this report can be taken from official health institutions. Moreover, the students with health reports exceeding five weeks are considered as on leave of absence for the semester. The students who are given permission due to their health problem can begin their education on condition that they apply with a report indicating that “they are able to continue their education”.

-Military Service: Students can be given permission for military service if their suspension of execution can not be carried out for any compulsory reason. This kind of a situation has to be documented by an official script that will be taken from related Military Service Branch.Students who complete their military service can begin their education in the first semester after their discharge by submitting their certificate of discharge.

-Financial and Family Reasons: Students can be given permission in case of unexpected events that will affect their living such as death, natural disaster etc.

-Education abroad: Students can be given permission for their education abroad or for their assignment abroad related to their education. It is required to submit the invitation letter in the application.
-Other Reasons: Certifiable excuses that can be approved by the Board of Directors of related faculties/schools and Board of Directors of the University.


Students, who deferred their registration, continue their education by making their regular semester registration on their return to the university at the end of deferral period.  However, the students who are granted a leave due to health problems must prove with the report that will be taken from a respective specialist that they are able to continue their education in the two weeks before they begin education.

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