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Undergraduate Programs and Vocational Schools (2016-2017 Academic Year)

Izmir University of Economics tuition fees are determined by the Board of Trustees for every academic year. The tuition fees for 2016-2017 academic year are as shown below.

Department/Program Name Registered in 2011 and before Registered in 2012-2013-2014 
Architecture 25.410  TL
(Including VAT)
26.620  TL
(Including VAT)
Faculty of Law - 26.620  TL
(Including VAT)
Culinary Arts and Management 25.410  TL
(Including VAT)
26.620 TL
(Including VAT)
Culinary Arts and Management (Four
Year Dual Diploma Programs) *
- 26.620 TL
(Including VAT)
Other SUNY
(Four Year Dual Diploma Programs)*
25.410 TL
(Including VAT)
25.520 TL
(Including VAT)
Other Undergraduate (Four year)
25.410  TL
(Including VAT)
25.520 TL
(Including VAT)
English Vocational School Joint Associate
Degree Programs (SQA-The Scottish Qualifications Authority)
25.410 TL
(Including VAT)
25.520 TL
(Including VAT)
Vocational School Programs - 11.250 TL
(Including VAT)


  Department/Program Name                                                                                             Registered in 2015-2016

Department of Architecture

29.040 TL (Including VAT)

Faculty of Law

29.040 TL (Including VAT)

Department of Culinary Arts and Management

29.040 TL (Including VAT)

Department of Culinary Arts and Management (Dual Diploma Program)

29.040 TL (Including VAT)

Other SUNY programs
(Four Year Dual Diploma Programs)

27.750 TL (Including VAT)

Other Undergraduate (Four year) Programs

27.750 TL (Including VAT)

Vocational School Programs (in Turkish)

11.250 TL (Including VAT)


* SUNY(USA-New York State University) program students  (Four year Dual Diploma Program) can pay the tuition fees of the semesters they spend in our university to IUE, they pay the tuition fee of the semesters they spend abroad to the related university.  Tuition fees of the universities abroad are determined yearly according to the daily conditions and it is announced on their web site. Please CLICK to get more information about the tuition fees for these programs.

English Preparatory School Students also pay the tuition fees identified for their departments/programs.


Tuition fees are collected in two equal payments. First payment is made during the initial registration, and second payment is made before the spring semester course enrolments on dates specified on Academic Calendar.

Tuition fees can be paid at any branches of VAKIFBANK with student Id numbers without having to pay for EFT/transfer fee.

There will be a 3.5% discount in the second instalment in the event of advanced payment.

Credit Card holders, of the banks which the University has an agreement with, may pay up to 12 instalments depending on the bank terms.(Axess, Bonus, Maximum, World)

Credit card payments are made through OASIS (Student Information System). After entering their OASIS passwords and pin codes, the students need to click on “Monitor- Student Payments Information- Online Payment” buttons and pay by credit card after choosing the correct tuition fee.


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