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Undergraduate Programs and Vocational Schools (2018 and Previous)

Below you can find the annual tuition fees for 2019-2020 academic year and click tuition fees for fall semester for continuing students. 

Students will be able to make payments at any AKBANK branches with their student Id numbers without having to pay for transfer fee.

Credit card payments are made through OASIS (Student Information System). After entering their OASIS passwords and pin codes, the students need to click on “Monitor- Student Payments Information- Online Payment” buttons and pay by credit card.

The DEADLINE to pay the tuition fee, for continuing students, is 17 September 2019. Students will be able to make payments between the dates of 28 August-17 September 2019.

To be able to make course selections on OASIS on 19-20 September 2, tuition fees need to be paid.

Click here for the students fees.

Student Affairs Directorate

(*)     AKBANK will be making collections at the University between the dates of 9 September- 17 September 2019.

(**)   Credit Card holders, of the banks, which the University has an agreement with, may pay up to 12 instalments depending on the bank terms. (Axess, Bonus, Maximum, World).

(***)  For more information on payments up front, please contact Financial Affairs Directorate.

E-mail: accounting@ieu.edu.tr Tel: (232) 4888324-(232) 4888163-(232) 4888417-(232) 4888208-(232) 4888322-(232) 4888480- (232) 4888203-(232)4888316-(232) 4888194-(232) 4888374

Information on tuition fee payment for 2019-2020 academic year fall semester for students placed within 667 KHK will be provided later.

Since the 3rd year Faculty of Medicine students have to complete course enrollments on 5-6 September 2019, they need to pay the tuition fees by 4 September 2019. (https://www.ieu.edu.tr/tr/akademik-takvim) 


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